Little Lambs Preschool (LLPS) supports children and families by establishing foundations for learning through loving relationships and creative, active curriculum that nurtures Christian faith and honors differences.

LLPS values are:

· Healthy Relationships – between children, teachers, families, God, and the greater community.

· Learning – in an educational experience that promotes intellectual development, models and guides appropriate, authentic, emotional expression, promotes curiosity and respect for the earth, and provides opportunity for social growth and physical development.

· Differences – in learning style, temperament, culture, personality, abilities, and faith: encouraging children to be who God created them to be.

· Christian faith – by inspiring spiritual growth and developing integrity as a child of God, a creature and caretaker of His creation.

· Nurturing – as an attitude and environment that meets the needs of the whole child and supports the family with kindness, understanding, and knowledgeable resources.

​For more information, or to schedule a tour of the preschool, 

please call Wendy Rygh, PreSchool Director  at: (503) 981-3544   email -