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Member of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).


Sunday, December 24

10:00 am Worship

11:00 pm Candle Light Service

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Traditional Worship 

The Traditional worship service is accompanied by the organ and piano and uses mostly classical style music. The Lord's Supper is celebrated each week. This worship service draws from our rich Lutheran worship heritage and maintains an order of worship that connects us historically, biblically, and theologically with many other Christian denominations. We use the liturgies found in the Lutheran Book of Worship and the "Feast and Celebration", written by Marty Haugen (1990).  We also use the new Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW) and The "Other Song Book" which includes gospel style hymns, is also used as a supplement. 

Sunday Worship  starts at 10:00 am

followed by Coffee Connect, a time of fellowship.

Sunday Worship is a combination of contemporary

and Traditional styles.  

​​​Contemporary Worship 

Our Contemporary worship is presented in an informal and family friendly style, while following the basic form of Lutheran worship. This gathering is accompanied by a six member worship team that provide vocal and instrumental support. The singing which is accompanied by keyboard, guitar and drums uses contemporary Christian music from a variety of sources. All parts of the service are projected on an overhead screen, making it easy for everyone to participate.

In addition to the Biblical message for adults, a special children's message is offered most Sundays. The Lord's Supper is celebrated each Sunday..